Original Organic Salad Dressing Flavors
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Salad Dressing

Most dressings in the market are manufactured in large amounts and are stored in warehouses for a long time before they reach the consumer. We do not keep a large inventory in stock. Our dressings are made as needed and usually are on the store shelf in a few weeks.

We felt very honored when our Texas Ranch Dressing & Dip was awarded first place during the Fiery Foods Challenge, a blind independent judging event which took place recently in Fort Worth Texas.

Our gourmet dressings are prepared in small batches with only the very best ALL NATURAL ingredients. We do not use any chemical preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Their flavor is so unique and appetizing, that it is not necessary to add MSG (a chemical flavor enhancer that can cause serious health reactions).

For those on a diet, all of my dressing were born low in carbohydrates, are gluten-free and have no trans-fats.

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