A perfect blend of honey and mustard make this dressing a favorite for those who like a sweet and tangy dressing. The fresh minced garlic and a touch of black pepper give it that extra flavor needed when using it as a dip or on a fruit salad.

Suggested Uses:
  • Great on any green leaf or fruit salad
  • My grandson loves it as a dip for his chicken tenders!
  • The fresh garlic, mustard and honey in the dressing make it a great marinade for pork
  • Use a cup of dressing instead of oil to saute chicken tenders
  • Marinate any kind of meat or poultry

Ingredients: Canola Oil, Water, Red Wine Vinegar, Honey, Mustard, Salt, Sugar, Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper & Xanthan Gum.

No Cholesterol, No MSG, No Preservatives
Gluten Free, No Trans-Fat

12 Fluid Ounces (355 ml)


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