Dallas Market 1992

A few years ago, one of my son's high school friends came to dinner, and after trying my homemade salad dressing, said, "Mrs. Montero, this is the best dressing I've ever had! Why don't you bottle it?" My husband looked at me and said, "It's not a bad idea..."

In May of 1992 "Harriet's Original" was born in Austin, Texas, and I took my first bottle of Italian Gourmet dressing to the grocery director of our neighborhood Tom Thumb supermarket. After tasting it, he placed his first order and designated an eye-level space on the shelf for our dressing.

When "Harriet's Original" dressing was requested by other stores in the local market, we began distributing it to stores in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth.

By this time, low-fat food was becoming very popular, so we began bottling our Low Fat Italian which was an instant hit since being all natural, it tasted much better than the other low fat dressings, and didn't have the "after-taste" of preservatives and artificial flavorings.

Our Preparation and Bottling Facility in Austin Texas

I love vinegar and garlic, so I decided to prepare my Red Wine Vinaigrette with plenty of fresh garlic, mustard and red wine vinegar. It became another best seller because it has less oil than other vinaigrettes and more oil can be added as the bottle empties.

Then, of course, we couldn't leave out the king of dressings: the traditional Caesar with lots of parmesan cheese, fresh garlic and a touch of anchovies.

We are in Texas, so why not have a "spicy" dressing to awaken the taste buds. When our Texas Ranch hit the shelves, it was so successful that people who had tried it in Texas began ordering it from us directly when they couldn't find it in other parts of the country.

For those who prefer a sweet dressing, or need it for a specific salad or recipe, I developed our Honey Mustard Dressing which is not too sweet, not too tangy — a perfect balance of honey/mustard with a tad of fresh garlic and black pepper.

Read all about our new flavor: Zesty Cilantro Dressing .

Enjoy all of our flavors!



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